“I wish that more companies were like BIO|OPTIONS. The consultation piece, based on their unique skill-set, really sets them apart. They are not just a supplier of samples, they are a partner in ensuring that they do the right things for the patient, the samples and for our company.”

-Director of Sample Procurement, Biotechnology Company

Procurement Network and Sample Quality

Human Tissues Section BiorepositoryDelivering biospecimens of the highest quality to enhance the success of your research is the mission of BIO|OPTIONS. Our broad and diverse US-based human tissue procurement network enables us to obtain preeminent samples in a timely manner. We have a comprehensive biorepository of frozen and FFPE tissue and frozen blood for your immediate research needs. Our partners include fourteen community based hospitals giving us an unsurpassed ability to meet your needs by providing you with:

    • High Sample Quality, Procured and Stored Expertly
    • Extensively Annotated: The Right Samples and Diagnosis
    • Excellent Turn-Around Time for Biospecimen Procurement
    • Capability to Acquire a Broad Array of Sample Types
    • Varied Patient Demographics

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Expertise, Experience, Service, Partnership

Larry Blocher - Human Tissue Bank and Biospecimens expertBIO|OPTIONS is physician owned and operated. We understand the needs of research scientists and how to procure the best biospecimens to ensure experimental success. We possess extensive experience in sample collection ensuring that proper protocols are followed, correct consents obtained and samples comprehensively annotated. This knowledge and direct involvement of experts in guiding you and overseeing your collection enables us to deliver unparalleled customer service:

    • Highly Consultative, Highly Involved to Ensure Success
    • We Understand Research Needs and Advise/Consult for Optimal Project Outcome
    • Oversight by Pathologists, Surgeons, Regulatory Specialists
    • Your Partner in the Process: Knowledgeable, Responsive, Expert

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