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Biospecimens Procurement Process

Procurement Process

“I wish that more companies were like BIO|OPTIONS. The consultation piece, based on their unique skill-set, really sets them apart. They are not just a supplier of samples. They are a partner in ensuring that they do the right things for the patient, the samples, and for our company.”

-Director of Sample Procurement, Biotechnology Company
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Biospecimen Procurement Network

BIO|OPTIONS uses a broad and diverse US-based biospecimens procurement network that includes seventeen (17) community-based hospitals with several more on the near-term horizon. We also have an extended national network of physician groups and clinics representing all medical specialties. The reach of this network enables us to secure samples for prospective studies in a timely manner; the diversity of this network empowers us to obtain samples of the highest possible quality. Our strong relationship with these sites allows us to obtain all the necessary documentation to support rapid implementation of new projects.

  • Excellent Turn-Around Time for Biospecimen Procurement
  • Capability to Acquire a Broad Array of Sample Types of Varied Patient Demographics
  • Strong Relationships and Existing Agreements with Broad Network of Procurement Sites
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Biospecimen Procurement Experts

BIO|OPTIONS provides well-characterized human biological specimens through our extensive and diverse US-based tissue procurement network for use in:

  • Drug and Biomarker Discovery
  • Validation of Drug Targets
  • Development of Diagnostic Tests & Devices

Our expert staff works to ensure that the right samples are procured to enhance the power of your research.

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Contact Biooptions for your biospecimen-sample needs.

Contact us for your biospecimen-sample needs.